Start Moving [Snoozing to Moving] Program


“I’m passionate about two things, family and health. In both cases movement has been critical to my personal success and happiness.

My passion is to get as many people of all ages and abilities to start moving so I can leave a lasting legacy of active improvement in the lives of everyday Australians”.

– Steve Moneghetti


Start Moving Program [Snoozing to Moving]

For people who want to start running. If you have not exercised for a few years – or maybe never – and you’re seeking motivation to get outdoors and be active then this is for you. It’s a 12 week program that assumes a person has done little or no previous running. The program starts with walking sessions and transitions gradually to running as the course rolls out with rest days included to allow the body to recover. People who want to feel better physically and mentally but are struggling with the motivation to get off the couch, will get the encouragement they need from Steve Moneghetti to achieve the goal of basic fitness.

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