Running Programs

Fun Run

For those who want to compete in – and complete – their first fun run. Maybe you’ve recently established a fitness routine and are now looking for a public event to display your training and provide an objective to work towards? This program suits people who are goal-oriented and are looking beyond their personal fitness and health and want to be extended by setting themselves a challenge to successfully complete a running event. Steve coaches you to run the whole way and complete a ten kilometre distance event.

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Fast Fun Run

If you’ve finished your first ten kilometre running event then this is the program to train you to do it in a faster time. It is based around 4m30sec/km but can be applied to any goal time set. World champion Steve Moneghetti, introduces runners to specific faster sessions and long runs which will enable you to improve your running pace and develop a more efficient running technique. Over 12 twelve weeks the participants will transition from a person content to finish an event to one who sets and accomplishes a challenge to run faster than they thought possible in the past.

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Half Marathon

With this program Steve Moneghetti trains people to run a half-marathon. Not only will you successfully complete the distance, but Steve will ensure you will be adequately prepared to enjoy the event. The sessions, long runs and appropriate rest days will build endurance to a level where a half marathon is an achievable distance. You will be equipped to compete in a half-marathon event, and will relish the opportunity to push yourself beyond the normal ‘fun runner’ level. With this program under your belt you will experience a transition where you begin to feel like a serious ‘runner’. Running is now your number one fitness pursuit and you genuinely look forward to getting out for a run most days of the week. Other people will now acknowledge and admire your commitment and ability to run well.

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Fast Half

This program is specifically designed by Steve Moneghetti to get you to run 21.1kms (13 miles) at a consistently fast pace. The Half Marathon is Mona’s favourite event and he once held the World Record in the event throughout his career. The 12-week program incorporates track sessions, fartlek, hills, tempo and longer runs to prepare you in the best possible way to cover the distance in less than 90 minutes. If you’re looking at taking your half marathon running to the next level, then this is the program for you.

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First Marathon

A 12-week program to adequately prepare you to complete your first full marathon. Steve’s focus in this program is to build up your running endurance to cope with the forty two kilometre marathon distance, without any time expectations. Competing and just completing is the goal here. It will require a strong commitment from the participant but Steve will arm you with the confidence to complete the journey and prepare you mentally for the significant challenge that finishing a marathon presents.

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Improved Marathon

A 12-week program to propel your marathon time to new heights. You may have completed a marathon or two and you’re wanting to improve your time. Or you are confident in your ability to aim to complete the 42kms around the 3.30 hour mark. Steve’s ‘Improved Marathon’ program puts more emphasis on speed and consistency rather than just getingt distance under your belt. This program is ideal for people wanting to achieve a personal best in the marathon, or for those looking for a more specific marathon training regime. Either way you are in good hands with Australian running legend Steve Moneghetti.

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Fast Marathon

The ultimate challenge. Steve Moneghetti has designed this program for the serious runner who is looking to run a marathon in the fastest time possible. It is ideal for someone who has successfully completed a marathon and now wants to train and prepare thoroughly to run as fast as they can over the 42 km distance. If you are not content with simply finishing but want to push yourself to see how fast you can run a marathon, this 12 week program is for you. Steve will train you like an Olympic Marathon runner and will take you on a journey of self-discovery – both physically and mentally. Not for the faint-hearted, this program is for a committed runner who wants to explore the limits of endurance with a world-champ. Are you up for the challenge?

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