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Choose a program

Whether you’re new to running, a recreational runner who wants to get better, or you’re training to compete in an event, Trained By Champs is the online platform you need to reach your goals. Members can choose from six programs that cover all key levels of running skill:

  1. Start Moving [Snoozing to Moving]
  2. Fun Run
  3. Fast Fast Run
  4. Half Marathon
  5. First Marathon
  6. Fast Marathon

Each program is an amazing 12 week journey into your own mind, body and spirit. Best of all, Steve Moneghetti is your personal guide every step of the way. The team at Trained by Champs have packed each program with a unique mix of resources, tips and insights that only a world champ like Steve can provide. Members enjoy a training program that will:

  • help prevent injury
  • increase motivation
  • promote body and mind coordination,
  • improve your overall fitness.

Getting started is easy! Just choose a program, put in your details, and then allow us to direct you to an exciting journey to be trained by the best.

Get started

To get started, choose your desired program, fill out the details, and check out. Once you are registered, you will start receiving daily plans that will help you achieve your goals. Our running programs have been personally developed by none other than Steve himself, and the methods he shares with you will help motivate you to become the best runner you can be!

When you become a member you will receive an email from Steve each day at 3am (AEST) with your training schedule for that specific day. You will also find each week of your program in its entirety in the Members Area on the Trained By Champs website. This will allow you to plan and organise your weekly training effectively. Just Sign In to the website using your username and password and go to the Members Area and Choose Your Program to access your weekly training. You will be able to access the following week of your training program on the 5th day of your current week (i.e. You can access Week 2 after the 5th day of Week 1. You can access Week 3 after the 5th day of Week 2, and so on).

messages-from-steveDaily messages from Steve

Get your daily inspirations from the legend himself—Steve Moneghetti! Each day you will receive personal messages from Steve to your email inbox with instructions for the day’s program. If you are feeling a little tired or weak and need a little push to continue training, be instantly inspired with Steve’s own story, life experiences, and tales of struggles he himself overcame on the path to becoming a world champ. The wisdom and expertise that comes from three decades of elite running performance makes Steve an unbeatable coach for you.

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join-the-communityJoin the community

Find training a bit lonely? It’s well known that running is often a solitary sport. But though the power of online technology we’re making it super fun and social! Trained By Champs has developed an interactive platform (Online Community page) where you can connect with fellow members, discuss techniques, ask questions, and share running goals. Even on your smartphone! When you become a member of Trained by Champs you get access to the latest in online running tips from running legend himself, Steve Moneghetti. You’ll meet new friends and develop a strong support group when you join the Trained by Champs community. Learn from others’ stories and post training experiences worth sharing. No understands your personal training journey better than the people who are going through exactly the same experience, at the same time.

Check your progress

Check your progress against your peers in your chosen program, through the online community. You’ll also find that Steve himself is a regularly online, so if you see him here make sure you say hi and ask for tips and insight into your progress.

Mobile Access

The Trained by Champs site is mobile-friendly and designed for use on smartphones while you’re on the go. You can check out the latest message from Steve or dive into forums and post a comment or question in real time to the Trained By Champs online community. Mobile access is just another way we can help you to push beyond your limits and go farther and faster than ever before.