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What is TBC?

‘Trained by Champs’ is an online program that gives you a unique opportunity to be trained by a sporting champion and Australian marathon legend Steve Moneghetti. In three decades, Steve developed a freakish never say die attitude to be at his best at all times. At the ripe age of 52, Steve still manages to be at the peak of his performance and continues to inspire and train runners around the globe. Whether you are training for personal fitness or attempting to RUN a marathon, Trained by Champs has a program for you. Steve himself put his expertise and passion in developing these programs to help you achieve your ultimate goals. Trained by Champs is a fun and challenging fitness program for runners everywhere. With detailed program instructions, tips and insights from a running legend, you know that your hard work will reap great rewards as you continue training with Steve. Trained by Champs is an online community for runners who are serious in achieving their goals, regardless of skill level or experience. To be the best, be trained by the best. Register now!



Steve’s Story

Stephen James Moneghetti, or simply Steve, is one of Australia’s all-time greatest marathon runners. Born in the 26th of September 1962, Steve’s parents had no idea that they were raising a champion who would soon set records in distance running. As a kid, Steve was not considered as a good runner. And although he had a go at everything at little athletics, they told his father that he was probably not going to be good at athletics. Little Steve, however, did not give up and just continued training to be a good athlete. At high school, his endurance as an athlete had developed and he began to draw attention as a runner. Who would have thought that the once bullied skinny little kid would become one of Australia’s greatest marathon runners?

Steve started his career in a 10,000 metre run at the 1986 Commonwealth Games, in which he finished fifth. He then ran his first marathon in the same competition and won bronze. He won the 1990 Berlin Marathon with a world leading time OF 2:08:16 having two weeks prior won in the Great North Run with a time of 1:00:34 which has a world best for the half marathon distance. In 1991, Steve ran a course record of 40:03 in the 14 km City 2 Surf in Sydney. This record still stands today. In 1994, he nailed the Tokyo Marathon and also won gold in the marathon at the Commonwealth Games that year. He went on to finish third in the 1997 World Championships marathon in Athens. He competed at four Olympic Games—Seoul in 1988, Barcelona in 1992, Atlanta in 1996, and Sydney in 2000 finishing in the top 10 in the marathon on three occasions.

Steve’s last marathon representing Australia was in Sydney 2000 Olympics. It was a heartbreaking scene when he met a bit of trouble in the middle of the race, but still recovered and finished 10th. After the race, he thanked his country for supporting him all throughout his career.

Today, Steve is still very active and he continues to race for fun. He is part of many events in Australia and awarded many times for his contribution in the athletics field. Steve runs his own sports consulting business.

Steve is married to Tanya and they have four children Emma, Laura, Matthew, and Olivia.

Meet The Team

Meet the team

RYAN WAIGHT is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Trained By Champs. His belief is that everybody’s skills and knowledge should be widely accessible; hence with the close association of Steve Moneghetti and Ashley Playsted, Trained By Champs was born.

As Managing Director of Trained By Champs, Ryan manages the daily operations of the business including clients, customers and prospective relationships of the both the company and of Steve Moneghetti.

Ryan is also a highly skilled leadership and performance coach who is passionate about improving the performance of people and teams from every angle. He is the author of Leadership Within: 20 Ways to Unlock the Leader in You. His leadership coaching company Ryan Waight Performance delivers services and programs in the business, sport and education sectors. His mission is to bridge the gap between potential and performance for all people, teams and organisations striving to take the next step in human elevation and success.


ASH PLAYSTED has been a leader in the mortgage and finance broking industry since 1997. After first gaining fourteen years’ experience in finance as a banker and in senior management for some of Australia’s largest corporates, Ash created a large broker team at Provincial Home Loans and later founded the national award winning non bank lender Mortgage National.

“I’m passionate about three things: family, health and financial education. Early on I realised that the habits and processes required for financial health were similar to those for physical health. Helping people manage their money better and create their own ‘financial fortress’ is where I get the most satisfaction.

“I strongly believe the habits of financial health: effort, discipline, planning, getting started, persistence, goal setting are the same as those required for running success whether you are just starting or looking to improve. The one thing missing was having a role model, a voice of experience guiding the way. With TBC and Steve Moneghetti we have the perfect coach.”

With the launch of Wealthie, Ash created a business where clients can truly take back control of their financial future and its Ash’s deepest wish that clients of Trained by Champs can now do the same with their running.

The vision for Trained by Champs is to become a platform where everyday people have access to the knowledge, skill and support they need to take control of their physical health.

“I’m excited by the potential online technology has for us to reach a larger audience, whist staying authentic to the ethics and the processes that Mona has always lived by. Our goal is to provide real leadership in running coaching that will leave a lasting legacy of improvement in people’s lives”

Why TBC?

To be the best, be trained by the best. Trained by Champs is not just any other online fitness program. Our program content has been personally developed by Steve Moneghetti himself. All programs have been tried and tested through years of elite performance. Trained by Champs combines Steve’s expertise and experience with a powerful online platform that will revolutionise the way you train. When you join, Trained by Champs will be your daily source of motivation and inspiration to be your best. Whether you are running just for fun or training to compete in a marathon, we have programs you need. We also know that training can be a challenge that’s why we deliver to you daily messages from Steve to keep you going. Stay on track and also monitor your progress with our online member forums. We have built an exciting interactive platform for you wherein you can bond and communicate with Steve and fellow members online. Ask questions, share your daily record and targets, and connect with people who understand and share the same passion as yours. This and more, when you choose Trained by Champs!